Position fixed bug on iOS


I just wanted to speak about a the position fixed on iOS devices, because many people can have an issue with it. The problem is that iOS doesn’t support it, but many ionic component are fixed, like the tab bar.
A good way to actually use the position fixed in ionic is to put your HTML after or before the ion-content tag.

I don’t think it’s the best way to solve the problem, but it’s still better than coding a directive. I hope it can help :wink:


Thanks @glemiere this is a life saver! Can’t believe Apple don’t fix this, such a strange company…

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You’re welcome!
Yeah Apple sucks, I’m gonna stop to develop on their platform, I’m tired of always having to deal with retarded rollercoasters for everything from fixing an html element to signing code through their idiot system. They’re suppose to be the best for designing solutions, but what is sure is that it’s not true for developers. They spend months to fix simple bugs, when we have to struggle to match their guidelines. They don’t apply these guidelines to themselves, and we are paying for their services. And we’re not just paying the developer account, we’re have to pay a iPhone, a mac, etc. These people are a joke, they have no consideration for a big part of their customers : developers. Windows 10 has an integrated linux in development mode, it’s time to move.


@glemiere Then how did ion-fab do it? ion-fab can be fixed & it is placed in ion-content.

Thanks! This solution works fine for me. :sunglasses:

Thanks you save my time :grinning: In ionic 5 this bug on IOS too