Pos Printer sending ESC/POS commands

Hi, in my ionic app, iam using bluetooth serial plugin to connect to pos printer, so i can print bills. Everything is working fine, but i have problems with diacritics(instead of some czech characters it prints Chinese). I find out, that i have to send some commands to printer(its ESC/POS compatible), but i dont know how to do it. Do i have to send pure string or encode it somehow? Currently my code looks like this:

    return new Promise((resolve,reject)=>{
        if(data.length==0) reject(new Error("Printer not connected"));
        let subscription=this.bluetoothSerial.connect(this.selectedPrinter.address).timeout(3000).subscribe(data=>{
          reject(new Error("cant connect to printer"));
        reject(new Error("error finding bluetooth connection"));

Any ideas?

Hello, Can you tell me like what type of data we need to send to esc/pos printer?

HI @Vartex05 , do you know how to send the pos command now ???