Popup receives previous tap event


if a popup that is opened by tapping on a list or a button contains some input elements that appear on the same place where the button is behind the popup, the tap event is passed to this input element and the input element gets focussed.

I tried to pass the $event to the function which opens the popup and do something like $event.preventDefault() or $event.stopPropagation() but still the input field that is “under the finger” at that moment gets focussed.

Any ideas how to deal with that problem?

As a workaround I now use $timeout of 400 ms when opening the popup. But this is a user experience killer …

Same problem when I use an action sheet for opening a popup that contains input elements. Am I the only one who uses inputs inside a popup? :slight_smile:

After further investigation I could narrow it down to the following scenario/dependencies:

  • popup is opened by clicking/tapping on list item
  • ion-list is inside ion-tab
  • ion-content uses overflow-scroll=“true” (removing overflow solves the problem)
  • app MUST run on mobile device (tested on iOS), on mobile browser the problem does not appear

I’ve created this plunker: http://plnkr.co/edit/vNbSccMlGSGgfczWrZdV but you have to bulid it as an app to be able to reproduce.

I opened an issue: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/3411. There you can find a demo app that shows the bug …