Popup functionality missing in Ionic

The custom popup functionality is missing in ionic2.

It is called “alert”

Alert doesn’t provide customization. I want to show list of item and clicking on the item should close the popup.

oh! I understand now. There is the radio and check alert, but don’t think it will suite your needs. Maybe somebody else will suggest you something or maybe it is coming in the future


Well i did provide my own in order to show a spinner icon, just like a busy-indicator, here’s a gist for it:
Busy indicator backup solution

I would use the ActionSheet for that unless your list of options is a mile long.

Maybe you can do that with a custom modal:

The model doesn’t work as a popup. I have strated working on customizing the alert. Once I done with that, I can share with you guys.

I want such customization too. is there any solutions ionic2 provide now?

why not? becouse of the size? you can change the size of the modal with CSS.

We cannot change size of specific modal with css3. As we cannot assign css class to modals