Custom Alert dialogue in ionic

Hi, I am new to ionic and want to add alert dialogue in my app. I tried the normal alert controller but that not what I want. I actually want to add an icon to that alert so the user can click on it and after that, he can press yes or no button to process further or cancel the alert.
Please help me with this as I am a beginner and don’t know the custom alert dialogue in ionic.

Use a Confirm Alert and then use the handler for the ‘yes’ button to control what happens next.

Thanks for replay but I want to show qjbjo this button in my alert so user can add or remove the items, but don’t know how to do that

Why don’t you just do a radio list and allow them to select a number 0 through 5 and then confirm? I don’t think you can customize an alert like you want to, but I could be wrong.

Hey @niks345, you can achieve this by Modals. Alerts are not suitable if you want to customize the design. Have a look at this: