How to set Popover full screen


Hi Everyone
Now when i’m using Popover the content not fit the screen

my code
this.pop = this.popoverCtrl.create(AutoCompleteSearchPage);

and autocomplete search page


  <ion-toolbar color='primary'>
		<ion-buttons start>
			<button ion-button icon-only (click)='onCancel()'>
				<ion-icon name="close"></ion-icon>
		<ion-searchbar (ionInput)="getItems($event)"></ion-searchbar>
		<ion-buttons end>
			<button ion-button icon-only (click)='onDismiss()'>
				<ion-icon name="add"></ion-icon>


<ion-content padding>
    <ion-item *ngFor="let item of filterdItems">
      <button ion-item type="button">{{ item }}</button>

how i can make this PopoverController fit content of full screen and send selected data back to primary page.


if i understand your example correct you might want to use a modal?

It is described how to receive data back, with onDidDismiss usually, same works for the PopOver.


You’re totally right !, Thank you.