Popover page not loading

Hey guys,

My problem is as follows. I added a popover page and added the PopoverController to the page where it should be opened. When I click the button that should open the popover only the arrow of the popover is shown. The content is not loading. Also in the log it won’t show “ionViewDidLoad RaidUsersModalPage”.
I inspected the element in browser and the popover-content div is empty, like below.

<div class="popover-wrapper" style="opacity: 1;">
    <div class="popover-arrow" style="top: 209.1px; left: 88.25px;"></div>
    <div class="popover-content" style="top: 218.1px; left: 2px; transform-origin: left top 0px;">
        <div class="popover-viewport">
            <div nav-viewport=""></div>

The function I’m using is as follows:

presentRaidusersPopover(myEvent) {
    let popover = this.popoverCtrl.create(this.raidUsersModalPage);
      ev: myEvent

In the page HTML I’m opening function as follows:

<ion-col col-6>	    		
    <button ion-button icon-start small color="light" (click)="presentRaidusersPopover($event)">
        <ion-icon name="people"></ion-icon>
	{{ qOptedIn }}

Am I missing something?