Polyfills failed to load html RC0


I’ve created a custom component for displaying images, files and folder are called my-image and are placed in the src/components folder. In my-image.ts I reference the templateUrl as my-image.html. When trying to view my project with ionic serve the console outputs the following error:
polyfills.js:3 Unhandled Promise rejection: Failed to load my-image.html ; Zone: ; Task: Promise.then ; Value: Failed to load my-image.html

Am I placing my component in the wrong directory? I’ve added a reference to the exported class in the app.module.ts and added it to the declarations.

Anyone else giving up on RC0? Rolling back to Beta 11!

I’m having the exact same issue, on a few pages. Some work, some don’t. I’ve isolated and commented everything out to make it a bare minimum HTML and .TS file, and the problem persists.

Looks like it’s also filed on GitHub: https://github.com/driftyco/ionic/issues/8711