Mp3 player and video player for ionic app

How can use a mp3 player and video player in ionic app (play online and local) ?


hey there i was having the same problem , then i used videogular 2 for video player it is very easy and highly customizable

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Thanks i look about it and that is same things i need
for installing in ionic which tutorial you use ? if have link or some tutorial by yourself please guide me.


i tried finding any tutorial back in the days when i wanted to implement that in my app . but none found , there is nothing to worry about its is very simple to implement think of it as a normal component with following steps

  • install it with npm

  • import it in app.module.ts

  • then import in it module file of page or component (where you want to implement this )

  • in case of any issues use this link or PM me i would be happy to help