Plunker template for beta11

Is there already a plunker template for beta11 (for reporting issues)?

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Thanx, @mhartington.
But as far as I can see, this is an old beta 10 plunker, not a beta 11ā€¦

Same question :ā€™(

Iā€™m not able to use alertcontroller / modalcontroller with beta 10 plnker.

agree with Marco and Dee M52ā€¦

I also gone through and searched for ionic2 plunker template for beta-11

index.html of provided link for beta-11 plunker template having CDN for js and css points to ionic-angular@2.0.0-beta.10

<script src=""></script>
<link href="" rel="stylesheet">

forked @mhartington plunk to support b11


How did you upgrade it? Which lines did you change?

config.ts to update the dependencies and include @angular/forms
index.html to b11

Thank you for the info :slight_smile: