[PLUING ERROR]Ionic2-calendar not recognizing installed folder


if i strat a new application all works fine
but in current app it wont recognize the calender (dont bind the


to the js calendar file.
in new app all works fine. (i cant open new one…)



Where does this <calendar> component come from? Is this a library you installed? Can you provide a link to the docs?


yes of course:


What exactly did ou do to install it in your app?


exactly whats written in this tutor:

when i opened a new project all went good, all works.
i have been trying to install another calendat package wich gave the same error.
i think somthing is go wrong with my project files.

i installed al needed npms, put all in app module and when i put code in html it doesn’t recognize install folder on modules (when clicking CTRL + HTML Tag).
its not the first timr it happens.

how can i check it??


well 2 days for this small thing:

in lazy load:
add this to the page module:
import { NgCalendarModule } from ‘ionic2-calendar’;


the biggest problem, if you use rtl lang somewhere:
direction:ltr !important;