Ionic devapp plugin

In testing the healthkit ionic devapp doesn’t support telerik plugin - com.telerik.plugins.healthkit.

Correct. The Ionic Dev App only supports certain plugins. The full list can be found here:

Thanks Chris. I saw the list is there any other option for me to test this
integration piece?


Since that is not an included plugin, you will have to build your application in the traditional fashion.

DevApp works great except when @ionic-native plugins are missing such as VideoEditor. Where can I find the DevApp Repo to build and deploy my own version with plugins I need that are not included?

You can’t as the DevApp is not an open source project.

If you want to build an app yourself, just build your own that will include all the plugins you installed. No need to use the DevApp then (although updating is a bit more cumbersome then - tradeoff to be made).