Plugins do not work


I’m starting with ionic and after testing the plugins I do not work any, I’m following what the official documentation tells me and even download an example to see if it’s my problem

I download this example and execute ionic

Ionic serve

It runs the browser but with say that it does not work to me I mean that there is no effect where there would have to be for example in the example that I passed I would have to display in the browser the percentage of the battery or in the case of the computer would have to Being 100% also compile it to apk and tested on my mobile but I am not using the following versions.

ionic -> 2.1.14
cordova -> 6.3.1
nodejs -> 5.5.0

Before I had the version of Cordova 6.4.0 and decide to download version to see if this was the problem but I still have no results, I’ve tried almost all this week and I still do not make any plugin