Plugins/cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated/AppDelegate+FCMPlugin.m normal x86_64 objective-c


Just bought a Macbook (M1) and want to know how to migrate my apps from Ionic 5 to make the builds in iOS work, anybody can help me with this? thank you, I’m new with this OS jeje

Thank you


...../Plugins/cordova-plugin-fcm-with-dependecy-updated/AppDelegate+FCMPlugin.m normal x86_64 objective-c
[cordova] (1 failure)
[cordova] xcodebuild: Command failed with exit code 65
[ERROR] An error occurred while running subprocess cordova.
        cordova build ios exited with exit code 65.
        Re-running this command with the --verbose flag may provide more information.
manel@MacBook-Air-de-Manel topstock % ionic cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging

> cordova plugin add cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging
Installing "cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging" for android
Failed to install 'cordova-plugin-firebase-messaging': CordovaError: Failed to fetch plugin cordova-plugin-firebase-analytics@~5.0.0 via registry.
Probably this is either a connection problem, or plugin spec is incorrect.
Check your connection and plugin name/version/URL.
CordovaError: CordovaError: Could not determine package name from output:
added 1 package, and audited 1718 packages in 2s
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In my case I did all i needed on MAC intel (because like you I could not on M1), then I pull from my M1. Behaviour on M1 using ionic cordova is random !

Good luck.