Plugin works in debug apk but NOT in release apk

We are using the Phonegap-SMS-reception-plugin( to capture a SMS to validate the registration of users. Actually, it’s a fork of the original one, because we detected a problem with the “cordova build” command and we had to change the plugin.xml file for the plugin to work.

We are having a weird behaviour with this plugin. It works perfectly if we use it in debug mode, I mean, if we run the app through “ionic run android” but it doesn’t work if we generate the signed release apk and we install it on a device.

What can make this to happen? Is this a common thing? A plugin working in debug mode but not in release.

thanks & regards


Did you have any luck with this?
My .APK (debug version) file was working with cordova plugins until I used the command ‘cordova build --release android’. The generated unsigned .APK file stopped working with the plugins.