Plugin issues

Hi everyone,

After cloning my ionic project on my Mac, I am facing some issues with plugins…
I have verified that all the plugins are successfully installed, I have tried to remove ios platform then removing node_modules and re-adding them but in vain…
Here is a screenshot of the errors:

  1. Regarding polyfills.js -
    In your index.html, present under src/ folder, do you see something like below? If not, add it in your template. The path should be build/polyfills.js.
   <script src="build/polyfills.js"></script>
  1. Regarding DB error. -
    I believe(since you have not mentioned it) you are using cordova-sqlite-storage in you application. Follow this official documentation to reinstalling it in your mac.

This problem is due to missing plugin. If above solution doesn’t resolves it, try re-installing your plugins which you have used in your appliction. Have you tried npm install?