Please help test: Angular 1.3, improved transitions, cached views (repost)

@hoomanb Would you be able to provide a codepen showing how it’s not working? Thanks

Thanks @adam Confirming this fixed it.

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@mhartington @adam

Here is a codepen that can illustrate the issue with the keyboard on Android. Here is a zip of the project shared via Dropbox. I removed the Android platform in the zip to save size. I am testing using Cordova 3.6.3 for Android.

When the keyboard is brought up on a device every ionScroll in a cached view has its scrollTop set to 0. I can’t reproduce this issue on an iPhone.

This issue on Android occurs with and without the ionic keyboard plugin.

I hope this can help find out the issue. Thank you for all the hard work and Ionic :sunny:

@Ross This should be fixed as of build 876. Basically Android fires off a window resize event when the keyboard comes up, and iOS doesn’t. When the resize happens it tells all the scroll views to recalculate, however, not all of them are rendered. I updated the resize method to make sure it has dimensions before it tries to resize. Please give it a test and let me know if it fixes it for you. Thanks!

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Yeah it is fixed, great work, thank you.

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Everyone using the SlideBox: we have decided to delay the release of the slidebox refactor until the next release.

The refactor has some UX problems, and we don’t want to delay the release of the next beta to fix them.

Additionally, we don’t want to throw too many changes at you guys at once.

We’ll have it in the next release, and be sure it’s up to our standards.


(this means that as of now, the old slidebox is in the nightly builds).

Current nightly has broken at least one thing - the footer no longer shows where it should. /cc @adam

See the Pen Footer Toggle: Nightly by Ionic (@ionic) on CodePen.

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What’s the sort of timeline for the new SlideBox going back into the nightly? And will it be the same one that has been worked on going back in?

Just wondering wither to stick with 876 and finish my refactor knowing that it will be back soon to continue working with the latest version. Or to revert back to the old slidebox code in my project and continue testing with the nightly?

hmm I’m asking myself the same… Would you be so kind to upload 876 somewhere? I think I’m gonna stick with the new SlideBox and want to have the most recent version.

please solve dis problem


Is there a plain to adopt ionicons 2.0 in the upcoming beta 14?


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@andy Nightly: Ugly ionicSlideBoxDelegate transitions on Android:

@adam, please how can I solve this problem?


if I just change

<script src="//"></script>


<script src="//"></script> 

everything corrupted !!

In My app this error appears :
[$compile:multidir] Multiple directives [ionNavBar, navBarSwipe] asking
for new/isolated scope on: nav-bar-swipe="" swipe-action=“toggleLeft()”>

when I delete ‘navBarSwip’ directive it works… But not as I wanted … :frowning:
I want allow drag/swipe to open depending on what you’re dragging … in my case swipe just on navbar.

Many thanks in advance



<script src="//"></script>


<script src="//"></script>

Wasn’t getting any errors since there was no directive included in the codepens.

@mhartington thank you very much, But it isn’t working as in

You don’t even need the directive, as you already have those built

<ion-nav-bar class="bar-positive" on-swipe-right="toggleLeft()">

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@vrifino Ionicons 2.0 will be in the release after beta14. Beta14 should keep using

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but are there some issues if I replace ionicons 1.5.2 with 2.0.0 in current nightly?


@vrifino In general no, there shouldn’t be any issues. But the biggest change is that ionicons 2.0 will not be providing rotating icons, but instead we’re going to build a better SVG system for those scenarios. So places where ionic uses rotating icons like loading and infinite scroll, it won’t rotate unless you provide you’re own CSS.

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