PlayStore reject due to calling Permisson!


I’ve build an app which would simply act as a quick call center as well as a location tracker for emergency numbers only (there’re 3 numbers for different divisions in my country instead of 911). However, I’m not making the call right from the app itself, a user click a call button and he will be redirected to the phone’s default dialer with a selected emergency number sent along.

After the app has been reviewed by Google, they rejected it with this following message: “After review, we found that your app does not qualify for use of the requested permissions. In your permissions declaration form, you had indicated that your app is a default handler; however, we were unable to detect that capability in your app’s manifest.

I would love to receive any suggestion on how to address this matter and the plugin I’ve used in the app to make the phone call is:

Thanks so much.

Maybe this will help? Put it in your config.xml.

<access origin="tel:*" launch-external="yes" />
<uses-permission android:autoLink="phone" />

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Thank you for your timely response. But your piece of code is for using the html anchor link (tag) to call the default dialer, means that once the dialer pop-ups, a user will need to confirm the call before making it which is adding one more step to the calling procedure (not really ideal for an emergency calling app). If using the cordova-call-number plugin like I did mention, the confirmation step can be skipped (but then, there’s a big problem with the permission).