Ionic Framework - Call Number plugin issue

Hello All,

I want to Call a number directly from a android/iOS device.As per ionic docs i did all my steps same as call-number plugins available in docs.

But when i check this functionality in device then device throw a error of “CouldNotCallPhoneNumber” and after that i checked in settings of app that permission for call is disable by default, so my question is how to give a permission of call to user when user try to call any number in app so they understand about give access phone calls for that particular app.

I tried for all cases in this official plugins of ionic but not found any solution for that so it’s good for me if anyone help me for this type of issue.

same problem here. Working fine under Android (real device), but not working on iOS.

Any solution??

try this without plugin using tel link as :

<a href=“tel: {{mobile}}”>