Playing RTMP or RTSP source

Hi to all

I’m searching a solution to play an RTMP or RTSP source in an Ionic App (Android and iOS). We have
a streaming server from which we would to deliver video streaming to a cellular network
I’ve already tested without Success Streaming media plugin
I need the rtsp player to be embdeed inside the mobile app and not redirect me to the native player,
thus having the player inside my User Interface (more like a video player playing rtsp inside the app)

When i use this plugin to play streaming source I collect an error of this type

Error streaming MediaPlayer Error: Unknown (1) -1004

or even of this type

Error streaming MediaPlayer Error: Unknown (1) -2147483648

Furthermore I wonder if is necessary take in consideration HLS (HTTP Live Streaming) to make
compatible streaming in iOS

I tried even this solution How to stream YouTube videos in Ionic
that is an hybrid solution between Youtube Video Player (That is not a playable solution for me)
and the use of the streaming media plugin

I hope that someone could help me giving a working suggestion

Thanks in advance.

I have the same problems. Can you success ??

Hi javielito in effect I have founded that a fine tuning of the rtsp source is what fault in my configuration.

To test Streaming Media Plugin i’ve used this RTSP Source that working for me:


Now i’m interested in searching more information over the Streaming Media plugin settings, like buffering time setting, do you have this information ?