Play Video on Android device


Hi all, I have this HTML template:

<ion-slide ng-repeat="item in lista track by item.nid">
          <div id="immaginiBox" >
              <div class="titolo">{{item.titolo}}</div>
              <blockquote class="desc" ng-show="item.desc != null"> {{item.desc}}</blockquote>
                <img id="thumb_{{$index}}" ng-click="playVideo($index)" style="width:100%;">
                <video style="display:none;" video-reset id="video_{{$index}}" ng-src2="{{item.videoT}}" controls="" width="100%" height="300px"></video>

and this code:

    $scope.playVideo = function($index) {
            { 'template' : '<ion-spinner ng-hide="spinnerHide"></ion-spinner>'}

        var video = document.getElementById('video_'+$index);
        video.src = $scope.lista[$index].videoT;
        $timeout(function() {;});

Why under ios all works but under Android video does not start ? No error in consle. Plz help.