Play music in splash screen background


is there any way to edit native splash screen code to play music in background when splash screen show


That’s impossible for stock splash screen for current version of Ionic 3.

It’s possible to do that if you make your own HTML splash modal screen:

then deactivate stock splash screen.


the problem is if i disable stock splash screen i got white screen for more than 4 sec
even with --prod and crosswalk


this make me want to switch to reactnative


That’s right… so if you make your HTML splash screen with white background, it will naturally connect from the error white splash screen and users will not notice if that white screen is an error or not.
Try to set splash screen delay time to completely 0 on your config.xml then you’ll get 0.7 second long white splash screen instead of 4 seconds.

I requested Ionic team to remove cordova’s white splash screen problem in Ionic 4 and use HTML5 & CSS3 as splash screen material so hopefully they will fix it soon.