Animated splash screen and white screen


Hello guys,

I’m working on implementing CSS or SVG animation screen on my Ionic app.
I follow two tutorials:

These two methods are about inserting animated HTML page after Ionic’s built-in white loading screen…
Is there any way to completely remove this white loading screen or completely replace it with custom made html loading page?
Let me know if there’s a way.



if any one know how to solve this problem please help us to solve this problem


Yes, I found a way here:

The key was using: ionic cordova build android --release --prod for building apk and setting splash screen time to 0.
Now I see animated html page when my app starts up.
However this doesn’t eliminate 2-second-long gray blank page of Ionic app.
I’m working on completely removing this gray blank page which shows up when Ionic app starts… please help me out.