Placing AdMob banner on bottom of screen [ERROR]

I am using position : AdMob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_CENTER

but in VS Code it shows error and says [ts] Property ‘AD_POSITION’ does not exist on type ‘typeof AdMob’.

so hope it will create an error…is it correct or is there any other way to position Admob banner?

Seems ok, but please post your json options configuration…

on build it showing error only…

[21:57:25] typescript: C:/Users/BhatRitesh/Desktop/Think-Digital/kamarajar/src/providers/plugin.ts, line: 46
Property ‘AD_POSITION’ does not exist on type ‘typeof AdMob’.

L45: adId : admobId.banner,
L47: [21:57:25] ngc failed: Failed to transpile TypeScript autoShow : true

[21:57:25] ionic-app-script task: “build”
[21:57:25] Error: Failed to transpile TypeScript

I use this config

var banner_opt= { adId: admob_key, position:AdMob.AD_POSITION.BOTTOM_CENTER, autoShow: true, overlap: false, offsetTopBar: false };
but with ionic1, what is your config?

adId : admobId.banner,
autoShow : true

i am usinng ionic 2

If you use only adId, it works?

Check the file: plugins/cordova-plugin-admobpro/www/AdMob.js (or something), at the top you can find positions and sizes definitions… maybe it can help…

i looked into to docs of admob plugin it says to use

adId: admobid.banner,
autoShow: true });

dont know how this wil be solved…

Any progress on this? I tried to replace AdMob.AD_POSITION.TOP_CENTER with 8, that is the same value found in the plugin source code, and I don’t have any error in the code now. Still, ads simple don’t appear and I don’t know how to further debug the issue…

The issue is caused by the IDE, because in the Ionic Native code there is /** @private **/ before the property declaration.

You can manually edit the typings or use the int value of those constants instead. See here for more details: