Ionic2 rc3 AdMob adid from AdMobOptions is missing



I seem to struggle with latest version of cordova-admob-pro (2.25.0). i use ionic2 rc3.
when i try to add adid to createBanner or prepareRewardVideoAd

if(AdMob) AdMob.createBanner({
  adId: admobid.banner, // this goes BAD...
  autoShow: true });

or any other one which has adid in the readme i get:

Argument of type ‘{ adId: string; isTesting: true; autoShow: true; }’ is not assignable to parameter of type ‘string | AdMobOptions’.
Object literal may only specify known properties, and ‘adId’ does not exist in type ‘string | AdMobOptions’.

i looked in /node_modules/ionic-native/dist/es5/plugins/admob.d.ts and there is no adId in interface AdMobOptions
is there a workround for this?is something missing? am i too tired?