Picture upload in android returns null



I totally understand that this is a forum that we all share knowledge & help each other on this amazing s/w. But do we have any ionic support here? if so, could you please take a look at my below posts.

File Transfer Android returns null
Picture upload does not work in android

Basically both are same. file upload does n’t work in android. But works in IOS. I am able to replicate this in RC4,RC5 and other 2.X versions. it could be CORDOVA bug or IONIC bug. If so, IONIC team could you please recognize the bug and let us know, if any workaround or any plans to fix this.

My Issue is; my project is 75% developed in IONIC2 and stuck with this bug for a week now. we have a deadline on the project and at this point we are not sure we can continue on 2.X or go back to IONIC 1.X and re-develop entire project.

Please help.

Thanks in advance.