Picture from camera didn't store into server

Hi, recently i face some issue/bug related to upload picture from camera. Some devices for example redmi note 5 cant upload picture that taken from camera to server and i don’t know what trigger it. But some of device can upload it to server. When i try to check error log from server, i showed nothing wrong. Some device for example Samsung S8 successfully upload picture taken from camera to server. it happen after i update android version and fix some bug that didn’t have anything related to camera. Hope someone can help me with this problem. Seriously i confused right now.

someone,i really need help

Hello, try with the Ionic Native Camera plugin, here at Ionic.

Have fun with Ionic,

yup i actually using that plugin. i can give the coding at here if you want.

@Fahmisaad same, and it works ok, so, do you still have the issue? (for xiaomi phones, it’s related to android main version, very old ones can’t work).

yup, i still facing that issue. seriously i don’t know what the problem is. because the coding is working on some devices, but at the same time it also not working on the other devices.

@Fahmisaad it’s because below some Android versions, ionic and angular just can’t work :frowning:

I guess you’re trying with android 3.0 or 4.x ?


at first i also thought it because of android version, then i tried it on device android version 5. and it working fine. then my client told me that his phone android version 7. And still facing that kind of issue… And yeah i also tried it with android 4.x and its not working on that version…

Actually, this bugs comes out after i update my apps after i resolve some of bug that didnt touch on camera coding. before that its working fine on all android device. so i really do not know what trigger that bug

@Fahmisaad thanks for the information, Fahmisaad,

Well, ok I get your answer, if so it means your webpack didn’t work at all :frowning:

Once you build the app, it should be ok with most problems you have, aren’t they?


i already remove android platform and readd, and it didnt solved anything :disappointed_relieved::disappointed_relieved:

can you try with ionic serve --labs? please

note: if the image list you call doesn’t exist, it can make loops if bad coded :confused:

May i know the purpose of ionic serve --labs for this issue?
because the issue are i cant upload picture directly that taken from camera to server. As i said,some android devices successful in doing it but the other don’t

@Fahmisaad and to kill process, use some linux commands;

@Fahmisaad I asked you to do this to troubleshoot issues, it’s a very handy tool. Now, where do you upload pictures? I can help if you want (i have a xiaomi redmi note 4).


ohh, will do it right away. Sorry, what do you mean by where do i upload picture? i move my picture to php file, then from php file i saved that picture into my server. Is that the answer that you’ve asked me?

because some plugins only work, with the wp-content folder open

i think the problem might be because of the picture in base64 encoded string. and i follow this example for my project

can you share some of your code on upload picture into server? Really appreciate if you can share it