How to deal with picture taken by camera?


Here the situation:

  1. I have an Ionic app that can take a picture with the camera
  2. I want to display the picture on the screen once it is taken
  3. I want to send that picture to a server
  4. Next time I open the app, I want to be able to get that picture from the server and display it on the screen when needed.
  5. If another user has the same app, he has to be able to get that picture too showing on the screen.

Q1: what is the best way to send the picture to the server (base64?, file?)

Q2: what is the best way to save the picture on the server (database? blob?, file?)

Q3: should I save that picture in Sqlite table for quick reference? Maybe one copy locally and another one on the server?

Thanks in advance for your input