Photo gallery tutorial - no camera icon

I’m working my way through the photo gallery tutorial. I got to the second page and inserted the relevant code for the camera business and … no camera icon.

I thought perhaps my laptop’s camera was disabled, so I restarted and checked the BIOS to insure it was enabled. After reboot completed, I installed and ran the cheese app (I’m on XUbuntu, BTW). It showed my selfie self, so I’m sure the camera is working.

I received no errors. (I know this is a possibility because when I first did the copy/paste stuff for views/Tab2.vue it complained about things like

The “IonCol” component has been registered but not used

I commented out the relevant bits from the export default block to get the app and its tabs to display once again.

It seems pointless to continue with the tutorial until I can get the camera bits to display. In the absence of any errors from the server, how can I debug this problem? Is there a resource for help with these sorts of on-the-fly problems? (I tried the Slack link but it’s down.)

Okay, found and fixed. On the build-your-first-app page, I saw (emphasis mine):

Then, add the FAB to the bottom of the page. Use the camera image as the icon, and call the takePhoto() function when this button is clicked (to be implemented soon):

and took the author at their word. The chunk of HTML actually belongs within the template, well up from the bottom of the page.