pdfMake not working

Hello every one,
after installing pdfmake and @types/pdfmake,
the pdfMake.createPdf(docDefinition).getDataUrl, docDefination is not supporting
docDefination has
styles, pageSize, defaultStyle, footer and content
I’m not able to figure out this issue please help.


I tend to not go too close to the typed definitions - more likely to want to wrap the various pieces of functionality I want to expose into an interface and call from a service. This gives me the opportunity in the future of swapping one pdf generator for another.

Saying all that - a really simple example of creating a PDF using pdfMake is included beneath.

I think this issue is from android side code. I stuff around this and found that after creating base64 string it returns to callback.success() and that time app will crash because cordova not handling to return large base64 to ionic webview.