Generate pdf of the ionic html page

I tried using pdfmake to generate pdf but was unsuccessful.
Can anyone suggest any client side way to implement the generation of pdf from the ionic html page.
Thanks in advance

I’m using pdfMake with Ionic 2 and I find it the easiest way to generate PDFs. Although it doesn’t support PDF generation directly from HTML, you should give it a try. You could use the following structure to mimic HTML tags:

var docDefinition = {
  content: [
      text: 'My title',
      style: 'h1'
  styles: {
    title: {
      fontSize: 18,
      bold: true,
      decoration: 'underline'

Can I ask what you did to get pdfmake in your i2 app? was it a simple npm i --save or did you mess with index.html?? What version of Ionic 2 are you using?


Unfortunately I couldn’t make it work with installing it directly from npm. I added the library manually. If anyone can make it work using npm and TS declaration, I would be happy to adapt it as well.

  1. Download the pdfmake GitHub repo.
  2. Copy the files pdfmake.min.js, and vfs_fonts.js from pdfmake-master/build/ to ionic-project/src/assets/lib/pdfmake (or any desired folder inside src/assets)
  3. Reference the files in ionic-project/src/index.html
<script src="assets/lib/pdfmake/pdfmake.min.js"></script>
<script src="assets/lib/pdfmake/vfs_fonts.js"></script>
  1. Declare the variable pdfMake in any TypeScript file you need the library.
declare var pdfMake: any;
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great, that does the job

public gerarPDF(){
let texto = {
content: ‘PDF ORÇAMENTO 00001’

not run ,why ?