Pb in my ionic distribution

I think I have a problem with node versions (I on Ubuntu 14.04).

Can you please help me ?

Could it be due to this weird version incoherence :

louisro@louisro-ThinkPad-T400:~/Documents/mobileApps/BoardLine/fake$ ls /usr/local/n/versions/node/
0.12.7  4.0.0  4.2.1
louisro@louisro-ThinkPad-T400:~/Documents/mobileApps/BoardLine/fake$ node -v
louisro@louisro-ThinkPad-T400:~/Documents/mobileApps/BoardLine/fake$ which node


…how many node are there in my machine ? arrrgh !!

your default verison is 0.10.33 maybe some global modules have different node dependencies or you installed nvm? there you can switch between versions. but i see no problem here^^

@bengtler, I am confused on how to choose the node version I should use.

I use nvm yes

$ nvm ls
->  v0.10.33
default -> 0.10 (-> v0.10.33)
stable -> 0.12 (-> v0.12.7) (default)

Should I switch to 0.12 ?
How do I know which version of node is best for my ionic version ?

i think at least the latest stable should work
so 0.10.33 or 0.12.7 or 4.2.1 (LTS - release) should work.

i tested latest ionic release with node 4.2.1 and 0.12.7 and it worked.

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Ok thanks I am going to try to work with 0.12.7