Pay with Pay in Apple app

I’m developing an app where the user has a list of consulting services to his disposal. When selecting one of the services, it will be taken to a screen that details about the service, and then can buy this service just by clicking a button HIRE.

I would like to use the “Pay with Pay in Apple apps” like the following image:

Is there any example using the ionic + cordova to make use of Apple Pay?

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This would be more of a general Cordova/Phonegap question. Ionic wouldn’t really have much to do with it since it is built on top of that. So I would do a search for “Cordova phone gap apple pay plugin” and that should get you in the right direction.

You could possibly use this.

I like to wrap my cordova plugins in an Angular Service. Here’s a sample one you could follow for Apple Pay, this one wraps the Branch Metrics plugin in an Angular Service.

Have fun :smile:

Has anyone tried using fan-si/cordova-plugin-applepay?

The other plugin shared, jbeuckm/cordova-plugin-applepay, looks like it doesn’t work on Cordova iOS 4.

Hi valdinei, were you successful in implementing apple pay into your ionic app? Thanks.

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