Path-like-menu in Ionic

Do we have a provision to create #sencha like path-like-menu button with options in ionic? I would really love to create something like This in ionic. Just open the link and click on “+” button

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Nice, pretty interesting ui pattern. Nothing like this exists right now, but you can always write something up yourself and try to make a PR :smile:

The joys of Open Source!

oh my bad :frowning: I am an android developer and trying to learn ionic coding :smile: lets see if something comes up in the same line. Since sencha also runs on browser, I feel this should be doable…had I knew js coding I would have sat all night to get this work

Theres some work out there that achieves this using jquery and css, but it’s not optimized for angular and ionic

plus some android implementation, which are right up your ally :smile:

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Thanks a ton :slight_smile: and sorry for the late reply :slight_smile: I will surely check this out

Hello, Were you able to get this working on ionic? thanks,

Check this out… works deluxe with Ionic:


appreciate it!! Exactly what i needed=)