Passing Input to Alert button Handler. (AlertController, ionic 4)

Hello there,

So I am having trouble working with defining operations dynamically for the button handlers of an alert. The aim is to iterate over an array to create the alert buttons and to pass the respective information to the button handler when it gets called.

If this is not achievable can the click event be passed in the handler function carrying information that will enable us to distinguish what button was pressed?

I have attached some code, which does not work, but showcases the “issue”.

Any help greatly appreciated.

presentAlert() {
	var aletInfo = {
		title: "Hello",
		body: "This is a greeting",
		buttons: [

				text: "Say hi back",
				action: "returnGreeting"
				text: "Do nothing",
				action: "ingnoreGreeting"
				text: "Start a fight",
				action: "reactToGreeting"
	var alertBody = {

	    header: alertInfo.title,
	    message: alertInfo.body, 
	    buttons: []


	for (var i = 0; i < alertInfo.buttons.length; i++) {
        var button: any = {};

		button.text = alertInfo.buttons[i].text
		button.handler = (i)=>{
			processGreeting(i, aletInfo)
		// i is out of context when it is finally called

    let alert = await this.alertCtrl.create(alertBody);

processGreeting(i) {

	var action = aletInfo.buttons[i].action

	if(action === "returnGreeting"){
	 // Do something
	} else {

	 // Do something else

This threat is old. But i had the same problem and manage to solve it.
import { AlertInput } from ‘@ionic/core’;

yourInputs: Array= ;

Then push your desired inputs.

let alert = await this.alertCtrl.create({
inputs: this.yourInputs

Maybe someone more has the same problem.