AlertController Input (Label or Handler)

Hello I have this alert in Ionic 2. I can get the value of selected Radio button. But I also need the Label for that radio.

I would like to know if there’s a way I can do this to get the Label or Handler on the Input so I can control after it was click and capture the label.

Thanks in Advance

let alert = this.alert.create({
        title: this.title,
        subTitle: this.subtitle,
        message : this.message,
        inputs : this.makeInputs(),
        buttons: [
                text : "Cancel",
                handler : () => {

                text : "Ok",
                handler : (data) =>{
                    this.value = data;
                    this.valueChange.emit(data); //emit the chosen value

I am also with similar use case. Did you get any luck?