Passing image between the pages


I am trying to pass image between two pages


      let image = this.uploadedImage;   

in page2.ts

 constructor(public navCtrl: NavController, public navParams: NavParams) {  
    this.loadimage = this.navParams.get('image');

in page2.html

  <img src="{{ loadimage }}" style="height:400px;" class="edited-image"/>

i dont get an image instead i get a square box


This doesn’t look like ionic v1 code. I change the category to ionic.


mm thanks sujan12 my bad … :slight_smile:


NavParams expect an object to be passed. Right now you’re trying to directly pass an image. Do something like this instead:

   this.navCtrl.push(FiltereditorPage,{ image: image });


thanks…it perfectly worked…I don’t know how i didn’t notice this…:slight_smile: