Data passing between pages

Hi guys! I’m very new to ionic and angularjs and i’ve recently been stumped by passing data between pages and was hoping somebody could guide me in the right direction.

I have a 6 images and a generic template that all these images link to. However i want the relevant selected image to appear on the generic template.

Can anyone help?

you could pass additional parameters to the state change or you add a service to hold data you want to share between pages

Hi! Thanks for replying and for your suggestion. Is there a codepen example of this logic in action? I’ve come across some examples of passing text like names however images are proving a problem for me to grasp. thanks

you want to pass images from one view to another? you can always base64 encode the image and put the data in an service … other views/controllers can get the base64 data and decode back to an image

Hi! I can’t say i’m familiar with base64 encode. I’ve since found a code pen which i feel best represents my problem however instead of text i’d like these to be images.

Since i’m so unfamiliar with the language i’m struggling to execute this.

Ideally ‘News 1’ would be an image and would show that image in the new window without having to create multiple pages.

I’m sorry about my lack of experience and appreciate you assistance greatly!