Parse or Firebase limitations as an MBaaS for Ionic

Hi everyone,

I’m a backend developer working mostly with Django and DRF for my backends, I decided to make de jump to mobile and built a simple catalog app for an MLM team using Parse as my backend.

Now I’m planning on building something a bit bigger, it’s an event (as in parties, meetings, etc) handling apps, to handle logistics at a given event an insights on previus events, best speakers, what kind of events drive more people, etc…

I was wondering what are Parse’s or Firebase’s limitations, I really don’t know much about them, but when is a project ‘big’ or ‘custom’ enough that I need to say, “Ok, I need to build my own back-end with Django Rest Framework”.

I’m going to be handling SQL-like relationships with the data, like many to many and foreignKey stuff. Also I’m going to need to add a payments provider, can’t use Stripe or Paypal since I’m in Colombia, so it will have to be one of those nonAPI using web checkouts :smile:

Thanks in advance for your inputs on this.