Moving Away From Parse

I have a good going popular mobile app in Play Store. The app uses Parse for image uploads.

Now as we know Parse is going to shut down and I want to migrate to reliable services like Firebase.

I am looking for the following features and I need to develope from scratch using Ionic 2. Sas that I need to move data from Parse too.

  1. Image uploads and serving it back.
  2. Hosted database like Firebase / Parse

Please suggest.

Any help or ideas, suggestions on this please…

Did you end up figuring out how to migrate from Parse to Firebase? I’m trying to figure it out too?

I started using service and they other migration tools

Is backendless any good? Does it do everything Parse did and more?

I use Google App Engine (with Python) for image Uploads.

In my personal opinion it provides all required services. But it is yet to
provide full fledged social login features for hybrid app.

It has options to deploy back end code for various options like image