Parent view duplicated when using view-router

I have a parent-> child setup in a view. When I use view-router for the child component, it actually duplicates the parent view inside the router - so I effectively get 2 renderings of the parent-view. Looking at the html its creating the child component inside an ion-page tage even though I dont have it in my template.

Example html:

    <ion-content :fullscreen="true">
      <div id="container">


     path: '/orders',
     name: 'Orders',
     component: () =>
             import(/* webpackChunkName: "home" */ "@/views/orderlist/OrderListHome"),
     children : [
           path: '',
           name: 'PendingOrders',
           component : () =>
                   import(/* webpackChunkName: "home" */ "@/views/orderlist/PendingOrders")

not sure what you are trying to accomplish