Pannable and Zoomable game map with Ionic 6 angular

I am trying to build a UI for a game. The game has a rater large map made up of tiles. The backend sends Information about those tiles in JSON format and I would like to create a visual representation of each tile using animated vector graphics. The game map should be pannable and zoomable.

I looked at Maps Modules but they only work with Google Maps or similar backends that serve images as tiles.
I also tried to use Swiper since it apparently can pan and zoom but I could not get it to work.
Lastly I implemented my own pan and zoom but not only was it pretty slow, it only worked with the mouse, and not with pinch and I am sure there must be a way to use existing libraries to do this.

So my question is for any pointers how to go about this.

i’m using hammer js an zoom-pan-svg, it works fine.