Creating a page with a zoomable custom map (PNG) image (Ionic 3.19.0)


I’m creating an application with tabs, one tab is supposed to have an image which depicts a map of an event. The idea is to have two layers, one with the underlying map of the event and a second layer with squares representing the location of various activities.

I’m starting with the basic layer, the map. This is currently a PNG image that I want to display, which is easy enough, but I also want to be able to zoom in and scroll horizontally and vertically.
I’ve been trying to accomplish this all day using “ion-scroll”, sadly this does not seem to work in Ionic 3 after trying various fixes that I had found on the internet.

Now my question is how to display a zoomable and scrollable image within Ionic. Is there a certain library or a fix to get “ion-scroll” to work?

Thanks in advance!