Detail page pops tab page on back


I’ve got a tab page with 2 tabs.
Tab1 = CompanyTab
Tab2 = MachineTab

In the CompanyTab is the CompanyListPage.
IN this CompanyListPage is a button to go to the CompanyDetailPage.

WHenever I go to the CompanyDetailPage I get an 2nd Header in my app.
1ste header = header of the CompanyListPage.
2nd header = header of the CompanyDetailPage.

I’m just using the navController to push the page on the stack.

I’ve checked out the conference app from Ionic, I’m doing thesame, but it seems like they use the modal controller in the Conference app, but in the sourcecode it just uses the navcontroller.

Anyone know how I can fix this?


import {App} from 'ionic-angular';

 instead of 

Navigation in ionic

Thank you, this is working correctly :smiley: