Page not scrolling in device ..even on input text focus


Android 4.3
Device S 4,S5
Ionic beta 4
there is text area in bottom of the page but on focus page not scrolling up and keyboard hiding it completely.


Can you install the ionic keyboard plugin?


firstly thanks to reply…
I am not using coradova in my project i am using Android studio web view and Ionic web site publish on IIS.

can we still need to install something in this way.i am feeling this problem is big to use hybrid in mobile i have too much text boxes on page but these hiding with key board


Hi All,

I am also facing same issue in android.
There is a registration page with four textbox in center of screen. if i focus on last textbox keyboard is opening but i am not able to see the text of textbox. I already install keyboad plugin. How can i resolve issue??