Page constructors

I’m trying to use Leafletjs with Ionic 2 but I’m having some issues.
Since the page constructs every time, I can’t have a leaflet constructor on ionViewDidLoad, because the second time I open the page, leaflet warns the “Map container is already initialized.” and displays a white page.

So it made me think: if the .ts is constructing again, why not the html bind to it?

I’m really confused and can’t continue to do my project if the page is not a singleton or something like that :frowning:

Ps: I’m using setRoot to load the pages, but push is giving that error too.

Could you share some code?
Possibly a minimal demo even?
It’s kind of hard to help out without any code to share

Sure, sorry!

HomePage: =‘map’);[-23.952159, -46.327820], 18);
L.tileLayer(, {
maxZoom: 18


setPage(page) {;

<button detail-none ion-item no-lines *ngFor=“let p of pages” (click)=“setPage(p.component)”>

{{ p.title }}

For loading page i’m using setRoot from navcontroller.

Hi Fuyanli, did you got any resolution for the problem. I am also facing the same issue and stuck for couple of days. Please help.