Page animation jerks after upgrade from beta.7 to beta.8


I was using ion-nav-view for pages animation (refer to:

Recently I had just upgraded from beta.7 to beta.8, and found that the ion-nav-view pages animation was not smooth.
This was tested on Chrome browser as well as on Android phone (as Cordova app). For both cases I could observe the page animation jerks.

Using Beta.7, the page animation was smooth.

Do you encounter the same issue and do you know why ?


There’s some work being done to make animation more suited to their platform so I could be an issue there. Could you test with the nightly builds and see how that works?


Thank you mhartington. I’ve waited for the new release, now beta.9 , to verify this issue before I could reply to you here.

Beta.9 is smoother compared to beta.8. however so, if compared to beta.7, I noticed in .9, the animation is as such:

  1. before transition to next page, the current page will be shifted left horizontally around 50px for around 1+ seconds. Since the page I’m using has colored background, I could notice white space on the left (~`50px) when the page is horizontally shifted left.
  2. after around 1+ second, then transition to new page.

For beta.7, I won’t notice (1). In beta.7, the transition is smooth without the white space on the right (~50px).

The same I observe on (a) Samsung Note2 phone, and (b) Chrome browser.

How can I make the transition smoother, without the temporary white space on the right during the page transition ?