Package/concat all JS files for Ionic PWA app

I’m currently evaluating Ionic as a basis for an app that should be distributed as an Android and iOS app as well as a Web-based PWA. As a foundation Ionic v5 with Angular is being used.

I noticed that during compilation there are (in my case) more than 120+ Javascript files being generated (numbered from 1 to 122). When compiling it as a native app this is probably irrelevant as they are local anyway, but when deploying them as a PWA this will involve a LOT of requests (of mostly 1-5 KB) to show a rather small-ish application. I especially noticed it during test runs of my app via the ngrok tunnel, as this easily reaches the max connection limit due to a lot of initial requests.

Is there a supported way to package those files into just a few combined JS files? There are the usual helper tools for this, but I assume that those will not be Ionic-compatible.