Ionic 4 core using with vuejs without CDN creates 100s of files

On using ionic 4 via package.json with vueJS. It creates so many chunk files in dist/js folder. The app does works but is there any way we can combine all these to a single file.

In package.json

		"@ionic/core": "4.0.0-beta.15",
		"@ionic/vue": "0.0.1",

Now in main.js I am doing

import Ionic from "@ionic/vue";

On doing a build many files are created

I think it’s not related to vue, in my “agnostic” pet project DeckDeckGo where I use Ionic core (without framework) I also notice around 200 js file in the dist folder

I’m not sure but I understand it in the way that each web components of Ionic core kind of is package/bundled in a separate js file, might be wrong but that’s why so far I was fine with it…but for sure correct me if that’s wrong, I would be interested

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This is a feature not a bug :slight_smile:

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Thx for collecting the answer :slight_smile: