Override icon urls

I need to override icon urls.

Currently it is using document.baseURI which is /some-path/ but I need it to be /js/angular-test . I thought that ng build --deploy-url /js/angular-test might handle this but it does not.

Is there somewhere that I can override this option?

I know I can specify the src attribute which I am doing with most icons, but some icons are embedded into certain components like <ion-searchbar> and <ion-menu-button>.

Can you provide some context for why you feel the need to do this?

I ask because ordinarily Ionicons are simply bundled up into your app, which would mean that if the Ionicons are in the “wrong place”, you’re likely to run into trouble “finding” other assets, including your app code.

I’m trying to make sure that the focus on icons isn’t too specific.

Because I am injecting the index.html file into a php application which is located in a separate directory.

Everything is working well and --deploy-url worked as expected for any angular resources, just didn’t work for ionic resources.

Did you try altering baseHref?

Yes but it is set to the php file’s location /some-path/angular_test. If I change it to /js/angular-test that wouldn’t work since that’s just where the resources are and it would mess up routing.

just shared my findings and possible workaround: